For enquiry, new postgraduate students and current students may refer to the following FAQs. If further assistance is needed, please contact us through (853) 8822 4898 during office hours or

General Information (for Academic Year 2022/2023)

First day of classes will commence on 18 August 2022.

In view of the situation of COVID-19 in Macao, the first four weeks of classes in the 1st semester of academic year 2022/2023 (18 August – 17 September 2022) will be conducted ONLINE. The teaching arrangement from 18 September onwards will be announced in early September. Please pay close attention to the University notice and student email.

The online course enrollment for all postgraduate students are scheduled during 12 – 17 August 2022. Subject to the announcement of Academic Unit.

The add/drop period for all postgraduate students are scheduled during 18 – 29 August 2022. Subject to the announcement of Academic Unit.

You can access to myUM Portal  to enter the systems of UM by using your UMPASS ID and password to login.

Information for New Postgraduate Students

The Graduate School will arrange online registration for new postgraduate students in academic year 2022/2023 during 1 to 11 August. Students are not required to come to campus for registration at this stage. Details will be informed by email in due course.

Yes, students may submit the Medical Examination Report to the Graduate School after completing the online registration. The submission date of Medical Examination Report will be informed by email in due course.

New students have to settle the tuition fee of the 1st semester before registration. Upon the debit note issued, the notification will be sent to student’s registered local mobile number and student email account. The E-debit notes can be downloaded from the Student Information Web Services ( Students are required to fully settle the tuition fees within the payment period indicated on the debit notes.

Students who cannot complete the online registration within the scheduled period may submit the completed application form to the Graduate School by email. Please visit our website at for the Late Registration Application form.

For enquiry related to accommodation, please contact the Student Affairs Office at (853) 8822 2660 or by email at

The support period for all eligible Scholarship awardees or Assistantship recipients begins in the designated month of initial registration (usually August) in the 1st semester of an academic year, except special cases approved by the UM. Eligible awardees who complete their initial registration on or before the 15th of that month will be provided with full-month support starting from the month of registration. If registration is completed only after the 15th of that month, no support will be provided for that month. Shortened support period due to late registration will not be compensated.

Information for Current Students

Upon fulfillment of the graduation requirement at the University and with the University’s Senate, academic awards/certificates are conferred on students. The processing time takes longer during June and July due to the large number of graduates. Under normal circumstances, the certificates will usually be ready for collection in mid-July and mid-August.

It will not affect the graduation approval procedure. You only need to make sure that your thesis has been submitted to the University Library before you collect your graduation certificate. You may contact the University Library for arrangement about submission of your thesis.

No. The original approval schedule will remain unchanged.

  1. From 26th July, 2022 (Tue) to 28th July, 2022 (Thurs);
  2. From 26th August, 2022 (Fri) to 30th August, 2022 (Tue);

Taking into consideration of the pandemic, some additional circulations for approving graduation qualification by the University Senate will be arranged as follows:

1. From 11th July, 2022 (Mon) to 13th July, 2022 (Wed);

2. From 18th July, 2022 (Mon) to 20th July, 2022 (Wed);

3. From 1st August, 2022 (Mon) to 3rd August, 2022 (Wed);

4. From 8th August, 2022 (Mon) to 10th August, 2022 (Wed);

5. From 15th August, 2022 (Mon) to 17th August, 2022 (Wed)

Meeting schedule of University Senate for Academic Year  2022/2023 is as follows:



Seq. of Meeting Date
1st Meeting Wednesday, 12th October, 2022
2nd Meeting Wednesday, 16th November, 2022
3rd Meeting Wednesday, 11th January, 2023
4th Meeting Wednesday, 12th April, 2023
5th Meeting Wednesday, 7th June, 2023

In regard of the recent outbreak of COVID-19 cases in Macau, preparation of graduation certificates takes much longer than usual. The Graduate School will notify graduates via e-mail once their graduation certificates are ready for collection.

Before collecting the graduation certificate, if graduates have any outstanding items with the following departments, they may go to the departments concerned to clear the outstanding records, or else no certificate will be issued. (Graduates are not required to go the following department(s) if they do not have any outstanding item(s) in the departments concerned.)

Department Items Contact for Inquiry
University Library To ensure no books are on loan and thesis has been submitted. 8822 8160
Student Affairs Office Hostel students must complete the hostel check-out procedure. 8822 2518
Treasury Section To ensure there is no outstanding payments.

To provide bank information on Student Information System Web Services (ISW) for refund of security deposit.

8822 8349

Upon the receipt of notification emails/SMS for certificate collection from the Graduate School, graduates should bring along the identification documents to the Graduate School during office hours for the collection of graduation certificates.

If graduates are unable to collect their certificates in person, they can entrust a representative to collect the certificate. In such case, the representative must present the authorization letter (GRS/Form/029e ) signed by the graduate and attached with copies of the identification document of both parties.

The graduation certificate will be issued once only, as there will be no second printing. Graduates are therefore strongly advised to ensure the safe-keeping of this important document.

If graduates would like to apply for electronic copies of graduation certificates, please send the requests to Graduate School via email:

Students may apply for testimonials through Online Payment Service System (OPS: ). A confirmation email together with a QR code will be sent to students’ UM email accounts within two working days after successful applications. Students may then use the received QR codes to print the testimonials at the Self-Service Kiosk located in UM Sports Complex (N8) on your own. For the extension of Special Authorization to Stay”, please contact Student Resources Section of Student Affairs Office (tel: 8822 9902 or email: ).