The Student Resources Section of the Student Affairs Office manages the Postgraduate House (hereafter referred to as “PGH”), which mainly offers on-campus accommodation and living services to UM postgraduate students. All the rooms in PGH are fully furnished and air-conditioned, excluding personal necessities and beddings (such as pillow, blanket, coverlet, bed sheet, etc.). PGH offers some of the public facilities (such as TV room, study room, small indoor sport venue, etc.), which can only be used by PGH students.

Due to PGH limited bed spaces, the University ensures bed spaces for the new non-local students in their first year of study in postgraduate programmes. The PGH applications of the other grades of postgraduate students may not be approved, particularly for those whose programmes of study are beyond the normal study period. The Student Resources Section allocates bed spaces according to the bed spaces allocation priority sequence stated in the PGH Rules. For details regarding PGH eligibility requirements, bed spaces allocation priority sequence, application procedures, fees and charges, rules and etc., please visit the Student Resources Section – Student Housing website.

All postgraduate students are required to submit application within the application period. Late application will NOT be considered and entertained. In general, the application for summer stay and 1st semester is in March and for 2nd semester is in November. Even if students are willing to accept the related penalties, SRS will not entertain. Please pay close attention to Student e-bulletin for the application details. Any decision made by the Student Resources Section shall be final.

For enquiry, please do not hesitate to contact PGH at (853) 8822 2660 or by email (