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How to Apply2022-07-14T01:02:24+08:00

Online Application Procedures

FAQs for Admission

Submit an Online Application

I have already successfully submitted the online application form, can I still change the programme that I applied?2019-03-04T12:36:57+08:00

No.  The programme applied cannot be changed again once you have confirmed and submitted the online application form.  Thus, you are reminded to fill up the form carefully.

How do I know that I have successfully completed my online application?2019-07-30T11:20:55+08:00

An application number (XP-CX-XXXX-X) will be automatically generated once you have completed your application successfully.

If I want to apply for two programmes, do I need to submit two application forms?2019-03-04T12:35:21+08:00

Each applicant can only submit one application. If you apply for different programme, normally you only need to submit one form.

What should I do if I forget my login name and password?2019-03-04T12:35:44+08:00

A notification email with your login name and password will be sent to your registered email account and SMS will also be sent to your mobile phone as well after you have successfully registered as a new user.

I have already registered as a new user at the Online Application System, but I still have not received the email with the reference number and password of my account. What should I do? Should I register again?2019-07-08T11:34:23+08:00

Applicants might not be able to receive/locate the email promptly due to the following reasons:

  • Incorrect/illegible email address supplied;
  • Insufficient capacity of the email account;
  • The email was directed to the junk mail box.

If you have exhausted the above possibilities, another reason may be that the service provider of your email account might spam the email we send (which will cause a delay of delivery).  We therefore suggest applicants wait for 2 days upon the first registration of account at our online system.  If you are still not able to receive this email, please contact us by phone at 88224898.

Application Documents

Do I need to submit certified true copies of my academic certificates and transcripts to the Graduate School after completing the online application?2019-03-04T12:40:23+08:00

You just need to upload all the required documents according to the instructions on the Online Application System.  Certified true copies of the documents will be requested for verification only if you are offered a place at the University.


I chose to use online recommendation forms; however, my referee did not complete the form for me. Can I change my referee?2019-07-08T11:32:28+08:00

All information at your online application form cannot be changed after you have confirmed and submitted your form through the online application system.  In this case, you may use paper recommendation forms instead.

I will use online recommendation forms, do I need to inform my referees myself before submitting my application at the Online Application System?2019-07-08T11:33:40+08:00

Yes.  An automatic invitation (the invitation will include your name and the programme for which you have applied) will be sent by the Online Application System to your referees once you have submitted your online application.  To ensure your referees know about your request for recommendation, you should contact your referees before you submit your application.

Who are qualified to be my recommenders?2019-07-30T11:42:30+08:00

Applying for the Postgraduate Certificate in Education Programme, only one recommendation is required. In-service teachers must use the recommendation forms provided by the Faculty of Education.  It has been stated on the form what kind of recommenders is specially requested. Pre-service teachers must use the recommendation form provided by the Graduate School.

With the exception of Introduction to Macau Law programme, all applicants for the Master’s Degree or Doctoral Degree programmes must submit two recommendation forms. One of the recommendation forms must be completed by an university academic and the other letter may be completed by anyone whom the applicant thinks is the most suitable recommender.  The recommenders must be able to judge on the applicant’s academic qualifications, personal characteristics and potential with special reference to the proposed line of study.



Will there be any entrance examinations?2019-07-08T11:23:19+08:00

Interviews/written examinations may be requested for some programmes as part of the selection procedures.  The academic unit concerned will inform the candidates if an interview/written examination is required.

What are the offer criteria?2019-07-08T11:31:34+08:00

Academic results, work experience, recommendation forms, interview/written examination performance (if applicable) and the number of quotas are all offer criteria.  Of course, different programmes will have different importance of the said criteria.

Accepting an Offer

What should I do if I want to resume my studies?2019-03-04T13:30:14+08:00

You need to write a letter requesting for resumption of studies and submit the letter to the Graduate School two months before the commencement of classes.  You will later be informed whether your request is approved or not.

If I am admitted but wish to defer my studies to the next academic year before registration, will I be permitted to do so?2023-12-17T11:27:16+08:00

Yes, you need to submit the “Statement of Acceptance” and settle the non-refundable tuition fee / non-refundable deposit.  You have to complete the application form for deferment of study.  The application will only be valid if the request is approved and signed by the Dean of the academic unit concerned.  You may only defer your studies for one year.

When do I need to submit the medical examination report?2019-03-04T13:29:17+08:00

You must submit a completed medical examination report upon registration in August.

When will the admission result being announced?2019-07-08T11:40:49+08:00

Applicants will be informed by email to check the admission result via the Online Application System.


I am an international student, how much do I have to pay?2023-12-17T11:26:04+08:00

You may refer to the tuition fees for non-local students in the tuition fees table for Postgraduate Programme.

For enquiry on my application, what information do I need to provide?2019-07-30T11:20:03+08:00

To ensure we can answer your questions promptly, you must always quote your reference number 2XXXXXXXX or application number XP-CX-XXXX-X for enquiry.

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