1. Gown Rental

  • The rental service can only provide a limited number of gowns. Students should not consider renting as their first choice.
  • Students who have missed the group order of graduation gowns arranged by the Graduation Committee of UM Postgraduate Association (see below) may apply for gown rental through their invitation emails before the ceremony.
  • The following items will not be provided by the rental service:  long-sleeve white shirt, pure black trousers or skirt, black tie, pure black shoes, hair-clips and safety pins.
  • Gowns can be picked up only on the ceremony day or one day prior to the ceremony. In addition, only registered graduates can pick up gowns provided by the University.
  • Fees of gown rental:
    • Doctoral Degrees – MOP65 per day plus MOP1,500 deposit
    • Master’s Degrees – MOP65 per day plus MOP500 deposit
    • Postgraduate Certificates/Diplomas – MOP65 per day plus MOP500 deposit
  • Deposit should be made by cash. The deposit will be reimbursed upon your return of the gown.
  • Graduates can return their gowns to the designated counter during open hours on the ceremony day.
  • If the gown is lost or damaged, restitution must be made to the University. The amount of restitution will be determined by the University in accordance with the actual cost for replacing the gown.
  • Reference gown size chart (link)

2. Gown Purchase