Important Notes

  1. If students leave the University in the course of study without going through the check-out procedures, no official document (such as testimonial, transcript or graduation certificate) will be issued.
  2. All resuming and re-admitted students should pay their tuition fees according to the tuition schemes of the resuming/re-admitted year and are required to check the study plan with the general office of the academic unit concerned.
  3. Students may make changes to their enrolment records during the course add/drop period. Requests for adding or dropping courses other than the add/drop period will NOT be accepted. Students may withdraw from an individual course after the course add/drop period at least 5 working days before the final examination. A ‘W’ grade will be given to the withdrawn course and the tuition fee for the withdrawn course will not be refunded. Any application submitted after the aforementioned deadline will not be considered. A student who drops a course without going through the prescribed procedure will be given a grade of ‘F’ for that course.
  4. Withdrawal grades will be recorded for each course at the time the student receives permission to defer / withdraw. The grades are either “W”, meaning that the student defers the study / withdraws from the University before the examination period, or “F”, meaning that the student does not take the examinations but defers / withdraws during or after the examination period.
  5. The fees for retaking any courses are calculated based on the number of credits of the retake course. For non-credit bearing course, the retake fees shall be one credit.
  6. It should be noted that the total duration for deferment of study, withdrawal of study, and inactive period should not exceed six semesters altogether, and the inactive period should not exceed two semesters independently. No resumption or re-admission of study will be considered if students cannot fulfill this duration requirement.

Application Procedures

Students are required to submit an application on Student Information Web Services (myUM→ SI WEB). In SI WEB, please find the button “Online Application” and select “Check-out Progress”.

  • Deferment of Study

    Please choose “Deferment of Study” and complete the application online.

  • Withdrawal from the University

    Please choose “Withdrawal from the University” and complete the application online.

  • Check-out Procedures for Inactive Students

    Please choose “Check-out Procedures for Inactive Students” and complete the application online.

Check-out Progress

Students leaving the University can check your check-out progress in SI WEB. You may find the button “Online Application”, select “Check-out Progress”, and click on “Application Process” to view your check-out progress. Students are advised to clear all outstanding item(s) with the departments concerned in order to complete the whole procedures.