The Graduate School is committed to encouraging and supporting students for their postgraduate studies at the University. By providing efficient services and support to the students, the Graduate School aims to provide an environment conducive to graduate learning.

About Graduate School

In view of the increasing number and variety of the postgraduate programmes offered by the University and the growing need of the members of society for learning at graduate levels, the Graduate School was established as a central body responsible for the better management, development, and evaluation of graduate education throughout the University.

The Graduate School works closely with the faculty, staff and the Graduate Studies Committee, which makes decisions on important issues related to postgraduate studies, to provide graduate students with assistance and guidance they need to progress through their studies.

The major roles of the Graduate School are:

  • To promote postgraduate study and research opportunities offered by the University.

  • To organize postgraduate student admissions and review related process.

  • To monitor study and research progress and examinations of postgraduate students.

  • To verify potential graduates and degrees proposed by academic units.

  • To deal with policy implementation on admission, academic programs, progress monitoring, rules and regulations.

  • To prepare and maintain guidelines for students and their supervisors to ensure the effective and efficient conduct and completion of their candidature.

  • To maintain student records and compile student statistics.

  • To govern the allocation of postgraduate studentships.