Welcome Message

Prof. Lionel NI, Vice Rector (Academic Affairs)

Welcome to the Graduate School of the University of Macau!

As society progresses and develops, the need for more knowledge increases. The Graduate School plays a prominent role in the academic mission of the University and transforms Macao into a knowledge-based society. We are meeting this challenge by offering a variety of postgraduate programmes for students.

The Graduate School works closely with the academic units to offer over 80 postgraduate programmes in business administration, education, law, social sciences, humanities, natural science and technology, health sciences, and Chinese medical sciences. The Graduate School serves as the central body responsible for an efficient management, development, and evaluation of graduate education throughout the University. All programmes, ranging from postgraduate diploma/certificate to doctoral level, are carefully designed to provide postgraduate students with comprehensive professional preparation and a thorough involvement in scholarship and research in their chosen areas.

The Graduate School is committed to the success of its students and serves as an advocate for their intellectual development. We believe that the analytic and research skills learnt during graduate study are critical for success in a variety of professional contexts. We work to make each student’s experience at the University of Macau a rich and fulfilling one that broadens his or her intellectual horizons.

Over the years, we have trained up many students and our graduates have been empowered to advance in their careers. To come to the University of Macau for postgraduate study is to encounter the welcoming environment of an educational community dedicated to the pursuit of excellence, and you will find your learning and living experience here a very rewarding one.

We congratulate you on your decision to further your studies and we warmly welcome you to pursue your postgraduate studies with us.

Prof. Lionel NI
Vice Rector (Academic Affairs)
University of Macau